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The site includes study guides, practice tests, articles and more which are  provided for free as a supplement to the textbook. The content is provided free for classroom use by instructors and students. For use outside the classroom please review the Copyright notice link.

Study Guides are provide to help you prepare for practice tests as well as the CompTIA Network+ Certification.

Practice Tests contain over 900 questions written at the same difficulty level as the real CompTIA Network+ Certification examination.
Articles contain additional information or the most recent developments in test topics since the printing of the latest edition of Networking Fundamentals.

New Comparison Article for the Network+ Objectives to take effect in September of 2012 Test (N10-005)
Good News!  Networking Fundamentals, 2nd Edition - 2012 is available NOW!  
All textbooks, Student Lab Manuals, Instructor Manuals, Test Banks and Power Points are available at Goodheart-Willcox Publishers, Inc.  The new book covers all operating systems, including Windows Server 7 as well as any new material since the 1st Edition. We know you have been anxiously waiting for this edition, so here it is.    This new edition is available for purchase Now!

New and Important
IPv6 is being implemented now.
We have posted and introduction to the system and a new pop quiz.  This and more information will be available in the January, 2010 Newsletter.  Go to contact us to sign up for the newsletter.

Click here for a copy of our complete Networking Course Outline..

As always, we want our customers to know that all materials presented in the current Edition is valid for the CompTIA tests.  
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