Below are some links that we find helpful: This site provides great short tutorials and information about computer hardware.


www.Fatcow. com This site is my favorite web host for your web site. This company has fair prices, and excellent technical support and reliability. This site has free study materials for CompTIA  Network+ Exams.
   www.SUSE  for helpful course ware for Linux This is one of our favorites full of plain vanilla wrapper information about everything a multitude of topics related to computers. This site is an on-line catalog of computer and related parts and kits. They have great prices and a wide variety of brands and materials. The support staff are super. Be sure to check out this site when you are purchasing your first simple or advanced PC kits, as well as the refurbished department. The refurbished items are like brand new and usually have warrantees. This is our favorite site, since they market all of our books, student workbooks, software and test banks, however they also have a wide variety of technical materials that you will appreciate if you are purchasing for technical education or just hobby material.


www.CompTIA This is the site best know for industry certification of technicians in the computer field. CompTIA has certified all of our books and lists many resources, as well as our books. Try this site if you need a boot disk for any operating system.


www. One of our favorite vendors for electronic and computer parts and kits. You'll find it a fun site. Need an excellent screen capture program for developing lessons, try this site. They have free downloads.


www.3Com.Com Did you know that 3Com has a training university? Try it out. This site will link you to lots of free instructional materials, tests, etc.

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