See our Brand NEW 4th Edition of Computer Service and Repair (copyright 2015) at  All books and educational support materials are available for order for your new 2014-2015 year.  The book includes all of the old favorite support materials and up to date systems and methods.  You'll be glad you invested in the CompTIA A+ certification materials.

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Below we have included some very useful information regarding the NEW      Window 8 - Consumer Beta system, with links to the files. 

Introduction to Windows 8 Consumer Beta

Introduction to Windows 8 Pop Quiz

Common Windows 8 - Shortcut keys

The second important topic we have covered here in an introductory level is the newly developed and marketed services of Cloud Computing.  While the actual process is not completely new, the vendor marketing has made Cloud computing the latest craze, as well as a signal of things to come, with link to the article. Within the article are many valuable links to learn more technical information about the Cloud.

Introduction to Cloud Services

We have an article including the very latest hard disk drive partitioning technologies.  Many Windows 7 features, as well as the newest operating system Window8, rely on the newest firmware and partition technologies to support the newest features such as bit-locker and virtual hard drives.  See the new article here:

MBR and EFI Disk Partition Styles

After you complete your studies of the new techniques, go to the practice tests page and try the new study guides and practice test on this.

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CompTIA has just released a draft copy of the new A+ Certification Exam proposed for later this year.

Go to to download the latest copy of the newly proposed A+ certification exam. You can read a summary I have written about the new test as a short article in pfd format. Download PDF

Try this featured website is- . You must register at the site to have access to all articles and forums.  The registration process is painless and they do not sell your email address or generate any email span.  The site is FREE and an excellent source of information for both students and instructors.  I am an active member of the website and highly recommend it to you.  You can create your own test/quizzes on line, and post them for your students at no cost.  The results of the test are posted to your account, and you can review the results for each student and guest. 

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