Useful links we recommend for your course. is a great site full of information written on a beginners level. my favorite for career and technical training materials. is of course the home of the A+ certification provides lots of helpful information about basic computer hardware. provides great information about such topics of interest as how transistors are make located at . is one of our favorite vender sites. They have good prices and excellent telephone support. for a wide collection of PC boot disk. is an excellent source of FREE materials when studying for a certification exam. Check it out, they do require you to register but I have never received spam from this location. has a really nice presentation of basic A+ topics and information.

Would you like to share with your class an interesting look at the history of Microsoft operating systems? Take a look at the following link:

Check out the link to the educators section of the Microsoft Windows 7 website.  There are a lot of free materials that you can use in your course.  Look at the “Step by step guide for Windows 7”  This is an excellent classroom resource that presents all the basic functions needed for students new to Windows7.


Intel has a series of videos covering the basics of computers. The videos are very basic but you might like to use them as a starting point for your students. The link is located at:


Check out this network+ link that was recommended by a person participating in the Proprofs Network+ forum.


Another link provided at Proprofs is -

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See our Brand NEW 4th Edition of Computer Service and Repair (copyright 2015) at  All books and educational support materials are available for order for your new 2014-2015 year.  The book includes all of the old favorite support materials and up to date systems and methods.  You'll be glad you invested in the CompTIA A+ certification materials.

New Course Outline for Computer Service and Repair, 4th Edition

can be downloaded here.
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