Useful links we recommend for your course. is a great site full of information written on a beginners level. my favorite for career and technical training materials.  get free course materials for your program. Electronics Express  101 Science Parallax for free circuit diagrams.  Think Quest Introduction to Electronics.
 Making Things - Introduction to Electronics. Engineering Calculation Design Soft Electronics Simulators MicroChip extensive PIC controllers and information.  A nice collection of related links for Electronics hobbyists.


The Intel Corporation has a new website section “How chips are made” which is a great addition to your electronic course.


Electronics is more and more integrated with Internet technology, and technicians are required to have a basic understanding of protocols, wireless devices as related to networking, and solid state devices relating to PCs, digital media,

Check out the must have IPv6 white paper located at the Electronics Technician Training Association (ETA) Website.


We recently ran across a gem of a website at Spread Spectrum Scene Magazine Randy Roberts (Not My relative) of El Granada was the original founder and the magazine is now owned and operated by The Pegasus Technologies.    Check out the related pages on spread spectrum, RF, Bluetooth, and wireless technologies..

Below is a link to a nice reference tutorial on how to use a digital multi-meter. Check out the radio-electronics website.

There is also a wealth of other electronic related tutorials and information located there.  Thanks Pegasus Technologies. 



Featured Links

This month's featured link is -
OpenCourseWare They have tons of helpful curriculum, tests, hints, and educational materials for you Electronics Course and the exciting thing is that the site is Free!

This site has over 1900 courses and dozens of Electrical Engineering Courses. We strongly endorse their current efforts to assist the education field.
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